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Deep in the heart of Minnesota, while watching the snow fall, I came to a realization. No big-name pitcher is going to willingly come to Minnesota without forcing the Twins to grossly overpay. As many Minnesotans know, just because the calendar reads April, it doesn’t mean we're out of winter yet. The same goes for October. If the Twins were to make a deep playoff push, late October night games are not the most forgiving. Sometimes reaching temperatures in the mid-30 degree range at night. This poses a major problem for pitchers. …

“Do you want to see my curveball?”
“That moves more like a slider.”
“I grip it like a curveball, though.”

As an analyst, and someone who works in pitching development, I see this almost daily. Players pick up a grip and essentially think that the grip makes the pitch and not the action it causes. Most of the time I go with whatever the pitcher calls the pitch. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not. It not only confuses people but completely changes the focus on where we want to locate the pitch. Don’t believe me? …

With the return of baseball (hopefully) coming in the next couple of months, I want to take this time to feature each team’s “Ace”. The format I will be going by is worst to first, so I will be starting with the Tigers and ending with the Nationals. Because many big-name pitchers changed teams over the offseason, many fans will see new Aces leading their team’s staff. My goal is that this can give everyone something to look forward to when their top guy toes the rubber on Opening Day.

However, we start with a guy Detriot fans know quite…

Jeremy Maschino

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